Um pequeno comentário no excelente American Clarity:

Your website is great, and this subject in special is very hard for me, as I believe any form of government depart from God results in tyranny of one as in a dictatorship, or everyone, as in a anarchy, so I like to call myself a theocrat, I know it sounds scary for many I’m aware, and surely I don’t mean God itself or people indicated by Him would govern, at least not until the end of times, but in aspect to legislation, it is not the will of people, nor the will of some elite, but the will of God, the rights gracely given from which no government can take, of the scriptures written in nature and those given to ancient monarchist Jews and finally the Godly character of Jesus Christ that should rule, not only in the legislation, but in the hearts of Imago Dei people who love wisdom. As my politics are ultimately God driven, I cannot call myself another thing than a theocrat, because there is no objective morals outside Him, and every law concern morals.